Vision Plus Fitness

Land of Vision Experience

Introducing L.O.V.E.

Have you ever experienced that internal battle between taking that much-needed recovery day and not wanting to lose your gains? You have? Well, we have too, and we believe you can have both.

Introducing the Land of Vision Experience (LOVE), Vision + Fitness’ ultimate active recovery and body maintenance space with:

  • Heat Activated Recovery Classes
    These classes combine the strength, balance, flexibility, and mental health benefits of yoga / mobility with the conditioning and physiological benefits of heat.
  • Body Maintenance & Recovery Suite
    Sometimes our bodies need a little extra care, which is why we are providing access to recovery tools and equipment that will keep your body in motion.

So whatever your vision, keep it moving forward by giving your body some LOVE.

$14 for 14 Days

(New Members Only)

Bi-Weekly Committed

(6-Month Commitment)

Bi-Weekly Non-Committed

(May Cancel After 2nd Month)

The Rolling 10 Experience

(2 Cycle Minimum)

20 Pack

(Expires in 6 Months)

10 Pack

(Expires in 3 Months)

5 Pack

(Expires in 42 Days)